Monday, January 11, 2016

The Considerations of Building a Bespoke Wardrobe

Bespoke or fitted wardrobes are high-end furniture, to be sure. For what they provide, they are fairly affordable, and what they provide is every possible advantage: sturdiness, lasting aesthetic appeal, and room can all be married into one wardrobe, of a design that's tailored to the owner's needs.

That being said, a bespoke wardrobe is also a complex set of components, and to ensure that its advantages are maximized (particularly the potential to make use of all available space), a bespoke wardrobe should always be designed with both the room and its own contour in mind.

This is a key disadvantage of bespoke wardrobes, at least in theory: a wardrobe that is not soundly designed cannot be easily fixed, and some components of a bespoke wardrobe are even more difficult to modify than others, although repairs are generally easy if one is familiar with their original construction.

In general, a bespoke wardrobe is most feasible when it's installed properly, to the specifications of a given room. A bespoke wardrobe is a semi-permanent fixture of a room, and many of the most advanced bespoke wardrobe designs are difficult for an individual builder to make. It's best to consider the expertise of any wardrobe designer one might hire (or your own, if attempting the project yourself) before doing it.

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