Thursday, July 28, 2016

The War On Gaps: Why Custom Fit Beats Stand-Alone

When on the look-out for wardrobes, furniture-shoppers are spoilt for choice. There are many beautiful wardrobe designs around, both stand-alone and custom, in all styles, for all tastes, in shops and on internet. 

Classic favourites are the massive, robust, dark oak wardrobes with all the handles and knobs of yesteryear. In contrast, currently popular is the sleek, custom-fitted, multi-door, smooth-opening, prestige-design, modern-look wardrobe, complete with tinted mirrors and concealed lighting, all style and practicality.

Practical factors to consider

Wardrobes have to fit in with the bedroom d├ęcor. Fortunately they are available in numerous styles (old-world, natural wood, decorated, mirrored), various materials, mostly wood (pine, oak, walnut), and sundry dimensions.

Size is vitally important: the wardrobe has to fit into the space allotted to it, half a centimetre in abundance can create havoc. No matter how precise our measurements are, there is always that doubt, so the tendency is to select a wardrobe somewhat smaller.

This is why there are gaps: at the side, both sides, behind, and especially on top. Gaps are unlovely, they gather dust, they attract spiders and they waste space.

Why choose custom fit

Custom fitted wardrobes solve these problems. They go beyond the stand-alone wardrobe style range: custom fitted wardrobe designs are entirely based on the exigencies of both client and bedroom, therefore unique. They completely fill their space, usually an entire wall, and they do it aesthetically and stylishly, with wardrobe design personalised to blend perfectly with the bedroom.

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