Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Odd-Shaped Rooms? Try Fitted Wardrobes

Freestanding wardrobes are all very well if your bedrooms all have straight walls, but what if you have irregularly shaped rooms? This is common in older houses, which often have chimney breasts or alcoves.

You can place a wardrobe in the alcove, but that invariably leaves you with wasted space. There may also be awkward spaces under staircases that are difficult to utilise to their best, or areas under a sloping roof that you're at a loss how to use. Besides, free-standing furniture can look jumbled and bulky in rooms that already have the disadvantage of being oddly shaped. The answer is to install fitted wardrobes, so that you can use every inch of space and create storage that suits your needs.

Many London residents are choosing to convert their lofts into an extra bedroom to add value and space to their home. However, this can leave the new room with a sloping roof and no obvious space to place wardrobes, as some of the walls will have low headroom.

This dilemma is easily solved by building custom fitted wardrobes to suit the space. Even the slanted spaces under stairs that you might have otherwise dismissed as useless can be used to create fitted wardrobes.

You can install hanging rails in the taller spaces, and drawers or shoe storage in the lower areas, allowing you to make maximum use of the space at your disposal and free up the remaining space for other furniture.

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