Thursday, February 25, 2016

Custom Fitted Wardrobes: Ideal for Awkward Spaces

Standard box-shaped rooms can greatly benefit from freestanding wardrobes, but for bedrooms that have sloped ceilings, awkward nooks and crannies and unusual corners, having custom fitted wardrobes installed is ideal for making your living space stylish and uncluttered.

With made-to-measure wardrobes that are designed to meet your specific requirements and installed to fit perfectly in any space, you can not only maximise storage but you can also hide structural imperfections. Major construction flaws that prevent you from having standard wardrobes will no longer be an issue when choosing to have fitted cabinets installed. Design specialists can visit your property to take precise measurements ready to make bespoke furniture that can be matched to your existing d├ęcor.

For narrow rooms, opt for sliding doors rather than doors that open out into the room. This may hinder accessibility to a certain extent as you will be unable to open all of the doors at once, but having sliding doors means that space can be saved and other items of furniture can be kept in close proximity without the hassle of having to move them every time you need to open your wardrobe. You can even save wall space by having a mirror attached to the front of your wardrobe door.

With clever interior design ideas such as pull-out drawers and hidden rails, all of your clothes, shoes and accessories can be stored away neatly and out of sight, making the rest of your bedroom appear simplistic and clutter free.

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