Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Preparing Your Home for a Wardrobe Installation

Nothing is standard about bespoke fitted wardrobes. From customised loft storage solutions to walk-ins and anything in between, you have more than enough selections for your preferences. 

When getting a fitted wardrobe in our home, consider the necessary preparations for the installation.

Provide Access

Ensure that the installer will have access when they come to put in the piece. If your home has a staircase or its ceilings are too low, factor these in before the installation begins. Find a clear path that will not present problems when getting the wardrobe in your home. Items that could hinder proper access such as wall hangings, lampshades and wall mirrors should be taken down in advance.

Remove Appliances

Then take into account the appliances that are in your bedroom. For example, if there is a radiator in the spot you have chosen to have the wardrobe; it will have to go, and that means re-sitting it. The same applies to air conditioners and power points.

All this work needs to be done before the installation begins. If you need to move around some of the bedroom furniture to make room for the installation, then do it before the installer arrives.

Consider protecting the floor as well, especially if it’s the delicate kind. Bespoke fitted wardrobes are easy to install when workers don’t have to worry about destroying your natural wood flooring or carpet. Keeping valuables out of the way will also facilitate a smooth installation and give you peace of mind.

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