Monday, November 23, 2015

Four Steps To Buying A Custom Fitted Wardrobe

If hauling a wardrobe up a flight of stairs doesn't appeal to you, then having a custom fitted wardrobe can be both a functional and attractive addition to your bedroom. Do it right, and you'll not only save on space, but it will also work to complement the overall décor.

Here is a set of points to consider when buying and installing:

Measure, measure, measure.
Measure the depth of the gap, leaving a minimum of 620mm for both the doors and the inside part; the height of the gap on the left, centre and right hand side; and the width of the gap should consist of two measurements; a quarter point from both the top and bottom.

Ensure that the sliding doors complement the décor.
Whilst function and fit are the most important factors, there's a wide range of options which will work well with your room if you make time to search for them. Some stores offer a customised range, as well as standard variations of wood.

Choose the right internal storage system for your needs.
This will depend on the scale of your wardrobe, both in terms of the interior gap as well as how many articles of clothing you wish to store.

Think about the details.
Would you like to have skirting to match the rest of the floor? Do you prefer sliding doors for a more streamlined effect, or even door handles which open outwards?

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