Monday, January 11, 2016

Maximise Your Bedroom Space with Custom Wardrobes

One of the biggest challenges of living in London is having an apartment or condo that has a very limited space. You will realize that it becomes hard to arrange furniture and belongings without making your rooms look cramped. No matter how impracticable it may seem, however, there are ways to maximize your small space like customizing your wardrobes.

Not everyone has the luxury of walk in wardrobes, but many of us could be more organised with clothes, accessories, and assorted items we store in the bedroom. Whether you are a student, a growing teenager, a professional business person or even if you are retired, you can surely benefit from a tidy, organised, and attractive wardrobe in your home.

Consider having a wardrobe built in the corner which will meet all your storage needs. You may like to include a vanity area as part of the design. Nothing is impossible when you have a bespoke wardrobe installed. It can contain different types of storage - drawers, shelves, racks and rails, all designed to suit your individual requirements while maximising the storage available.

Think too about the appearance. Wardrobe interiors can be decorated. You can choose whether doors are sliding or hinged, or combine door types to make clever use of the space available. What material will suit your boudoir? Bespoke fitted wardrobes may consist of wooden, mirrored, or louvred panels, and there is a wide of knobs and handles. The choice is endless and is entirely yours.

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