Monday, May 16, 2016

Your Appointment with a Bespoke Wardrobe Company

So you’ve decided that the benefits of bespoke fitted wardrobes are too good to pass up and you’ve searched for a reputable supplier. Congratulations, you’re on the way to upgrading your home to make your bedroom a special place. But what happens next?

After you’ve selected your supplier you will receive a design visit. This will be a long appointment so allow plenty of time. You can expect to sit down with your designer for a couple of hours, at least. Your designer will be an expert in helping you choose the look you want externally and how the interior can be customized. They will have a flair in matching the look you want to the overall look of the room and your house. They will show your samples of the finish and also of the various hardware options.

They will, of course, also be an expert in helping you understand how you can best use the space you have. If you have unusual shaped spaces, wonky walls, overhanging eaves, slopes, alcoves, unused fireplaces or any other feature, your designer will be able to discuss the best options. The beauty of bespoke fitted wardrobes is they can be made to fit practically any space – unlike free-standing furniture units.

Perhaps the most important aspect of your design visit will be the measuring up stage. To ensure a truly custom fit, the designer will take as many accurate measurements as required.

That’s the first phase complete. The next is for your wardrobes to be custom made, delivered and installed.

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