Thursday, May 5, 2016

What Are the Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes?

Whether you are planning to remodel your home or move into a new one, you may want to consider installing a fitted wardrobe. Here's exactly why:

More space in your bedroom. As opposed to traditional wardrobes, built-in ones will not take up too much space, allowing you to move more freely and fit other furniture in without too much trouble.

More storage space. Fitted wardrobes are installed from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, being attached to the walls. This means no unnecessary materials and no wasted space, providing you with more storage room.

Hiding unwanted features. Air vents, sloping ceilings or other unpleasant sights can ruin your bedroom's overall looks. A well designed fitted wardrobe can conceal such features.

Great for irregular-shaped rooms. Irregularly shaped rooms can be so classy, but it's a drag to try and fit furniture in them! Installing a fitted wardrobe is the best solution for such spaces, where placing standing furniture can spoil the design of the whole room.

Tailor-made for your needs. It can be very difficult to find off-the-shelf furniture that fully fits your needs and your room's design. Built-in wardrobes, on the other hand, are custom-made according to your desires and built to perfectly fit your bedroom.

Sliding doors. You can choose to have your fitted wardrobe built with sliding doors, thus allowing you more space to move around, as well as enhancing the room's design.

As you can see, installing a built-in wardrobe not only adds a modern touch to your bedroom, but also improves functionality and saves you space.

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