Monday, October 19, 2015

Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes for Kids Rooms

Kids seem to need, want and just gather so much stuff and it’s the bane of every parent. No matter how big a kid’s bedroom is there just never seems to be enough storage, wardrobe space or ways to organise the piles of clothes, books, toys and even all the electronics that youngsters have these days.

You could fill the room with shelves, trunks, free standing furniture and have a place for everything, however, these things themselves take space and may not deliver a pleasing aesthetic you want for your home. A better solution is bespoke fitted wardrobes.

When it comes to investing in wardrobes, many people think of adults; bedrooms and teenage girls who have more clothes than a market stall as well as masses of accessories. But bespoke fitted wardrobes work very well in kids’ bedrooms.

From the outside, fitted wardrobes are clean lines that are neat and aesthetically pleasing. The doors come in a massive variety of finishes. And when the doors are thrown open, they reveal their beauty. The interiors of fitted wardrobes can be built to specification and be made to fit many purposes.

For kid’s bedrooms the interior of bespoke fitted wardrobes can be built to accommodate storage areas for clothes – cubby holes, hanging areas and shelves. They can include drawers and pull out units. Shelves can be built low down for things used regularly and higher up for storage of seasonal items or stuff not needed often.

With fitted wardrobe’s all the kids’ stuff can be off the floor and free standing furniture and be hidden behind beautifully crafted doors.

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