Thursday, August 27, 2015

Slot It Into Place with Custom Fitted Wardrobes

Custom fitted wardrobes are the perfect answer when storage space problems seem insurmountable. We all accumulate belongings over the years, and the area where overcrowding is most evident is bedroom storage.

Most people hate to throw away a perfectly usable piece of clothing, and sometimes older items remain in the wardrobe, not only because they are still in perfect condition, but for sentimental reasons: 'Oh, I had such a good time in this dress!', or 'This will always remind me of ... ', etc. Instead of those agonising 'keep or throw away' decisions, why not tackle the problem from another angle and conjure up some extra storage space?

The average bedroom has a lot of unused space. Stand-alone wardrobes never fit snugly into the space allotted to them and never fully exploit the vertical space up to the ceiling. Custom fitted wardrobes, designed especially for your bedroom and according to your exigencies, can almost double the storage space available without obstructing, protruding, or eating away at the bedroom living space.

Space-saving, custom fitted wardrobes can be fitted anywhere in the bedroom, making use of space above doors and along entire walls. In any style, with wood or mirrored panelling, they can harmonise/contrast with the bedroom d├ęcor, or even disappear under the wallpaper.

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